Laptop Repair Singapore

Laptop Repair Singapore – The Definite Guide

Whether you are looking for macbook repair Singapore, PC repair Singapore or even Acer service center Singapore to service your laptop repair, you should never base on the cheap laptop repair Singapore vendors that quoted you the cheapest laptop repair prices. Here are the specific things you need to do before you hand over your laptop or MacBook to the PC repair shop in Singapore.

1) Do not based on just price alone – It is very competitive in the laptop repair industry in Singapore and many vendors will very much quote you a very low price just to get you to hand over the laptop and later inform you that your laptop repair need other fixing in which they will quote you a more expensive laptop repair quotations and you likely have no choice but to agreed with them because you have important data in the laptops.

There are many cheap laptop repair Singapore vendors that will bait and switch so that they can earn that extra money from you for the laptop repair services in Singapore.

2) The quotation in black and white when possible – An official quotation for laptop repair prices in itemized will be best for your laptop repair.

If the Macbook repair shop or laptop repair shop in Singapore just quoted you verbally without any email or officially quotation in the document, be very carefully, laptop repair companies who do not have a system in place that gives a official quotation with a laptop repair price will likely to be a one-man shop repair shop that comes and goes easily.

Not saying that those are bad laptop repair shops in Singapore but you have to take the risk and if they shop close down or even never returns your laptop, all your data and your precious laptop will be done just like that!

3) Take photos of your laptops – Before you handover your laptop to the laptop repair shop in Singapore, make sure you take a snapshot of the laptop at the front, back, screen and also keyboard.

The reason is that during the entire process of repair, if they are some damage and scratches, you can use those photos are evidence to claim the damages.

Professional laptop repair companies in Singapore usually will take photos or identified with you what are the scratches on your laptops or Macbook and you will need to sign and acknowledge them.

If you do encounter such companies with a good process, you can be quite sure they will take care of your laptop during the repairing process.

4) Check if they have a “Clean Room” – If you know that they laptop repair shop has a “clean room” you will be assured that there are the real professionals and prices will not be cheap! However, the advantage is that the clean room will ensure that there are no dust or particles goes into your laptop during the repairing process.

Well, but you will notice that there are only a few laptop repair Singapore shops that has a clean room as most of them are very small players.

5) Make sure they provide a specific timeline – Ensure that the laptop repair shop personnel gives you a timeline on when the diagnosis or repair will be completed so that you can have a timeline on when to follow up with them and get back your repaired laptop. Some of the shops will give you a very broad timeline so that they can take their own sweet time to service your laptop.

6) Knowing your rights – If they have a terms and conditions on paper or online, do make sure you read them carefully before you sign anything or hand over your laptop for them to repair. There are potentially terms and conditions of the repairing of your laptops can be of disadvantages to you. If you do not understand a specific clause on the terms, please ask their customer service or the person servicing you, they should be able to explain to you. If they do not know, you will know what “level” they are. Such kind of shop should be avoided if the personnel are not able to explain the basic terms and conditions to you.

7) Laptop Repair Cost vs New Laptop – It is pretty obvious that sometimes, the total repair cost of the entire laptop can be even more expensive than buying a new laptop.

However, sometimes when you are in a situation of desperation, or when the laptop repair sales personnel “sells” their service to you, you must totally forgotten about it and after you realised it, you have already paid a deposit on it.

If you do not have the price of the laptop, you can always use your handphone and type: “price of new laptop Singapore” and likely hood you will be able to have a good indication on whether to continue with the repair or not. If the “salesperson” is too pushy or impatience, simply walk away from the laptop repair shops.

It is better to be safe than sorry later.

8) Buying a new refurbished laptop – Sometimes you can look out for a brand new refurbished laptop that is much cheaper than repairing your laptop.

And the refurbished laptop actually have a service guarantee of 30-90 days too? Just type in the refurbished laptop, refurbished laptop or even refurbished MacBook pro in Google Search, you should be able to see some interesting laptop or MacBook Pro models that could be worthy to buy than just repairing your laptop.

9) Old Laptops – If your laptop is about 2 to 3 years old, apart from Apple MacBook Air or MacBook Pro which I believe can last a few solid years, likely your system, the motherboard will be quite old in terms of the model.

And to repair them, it could be quite tough to find the spare parts of the laptop itself. Hence the laptop repair shop may have to source or even import from other countries.

The waiting period and cost may not be worthwhile to get the laptop repair at all. In such cases, I would seriously recommend you to do a data recovery or backup your laptop data and buy a new one.      

Hope that the above laptop repair information is useful to you.

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You can see a list of laptop repair Singapore shops below: Take note that we do not endorse them.

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