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Bizgram Asia Pte Ltd is the Singapore Registered Government Supplier Under Gebiz for all purchases via tender system and able to provide exclusive discounted prices for IT / Computer products for all major brands and full inventory of stocks ranging from $100 to $20 Million for fulfillment of orders for individual corporate branches or even major events for gadgets / backup solutions / data centers / servers / Cloud solutions.
Bizgram Asia Pte Ltd has been the member of the Singapore Retailer Association and always supported the Good Retail Practices and Standards towards customer service and oriented to initiate feedback and improve its service and quality enhancement and train its team accordingly to perform and provide the best service standards.
Bizgram Asia Pte Ltd is a registered TAX FREE Shopping Retailer for providing TAX Refunds for visitors / foreigners who are eligible to seek refund for purchases in Singapore at the Airport for any purchase made at our retail outlets for over SGD $100 in a single receipt or combined receipts within the same day. Visitors / tourists are required to present the passport for verification and must be above 18 years and above. A TAX FREE receipt is issued for refund at Singapore Changi Airport only. TAX refund is not applicable for passengers entering Singapore via other transport methods. More Information can be obtained at :
About the Company : 
Bizgram Asia Pte Ltd is one of Top IT Retailers / Wholesaler / Exporter & Importer based in Singapore and Located in the Singapore’s Largest IT Mall Sim Lim Square. Bizgram Asia’s is headed by a team with having experience of more than 10 years in Computer Hardware and Products. Bizgram Asia Pte Ltd is also the Member of the Singapore Retailer Association ( and also the Sim Lim Square Star Retailer which is committed to proper code of Business Practices giving its customer the best class of service.
Bizgram’s commitment to customer value, to our team, to being direct, to operating responsibly and, ultimately, to winning continues to differentiate us from other companies. The Background section provides critical information and history about Bizgram’s business world. Look inside; we think customers, investors and others will find our story to be a unique one.
Bizgram’s direct model starts and ends with our customers. With the power of direct and our team of talented people, we are able to provide customers with superb value; high-quality, relevant technology; customized systems; superior service and support; and products and services that are easy to buy and use.
The five tenets of the model are:
Most Efficient Path to the all our Customers
We believe that the most efficient path to the customer is through a direct relationship, with no intermediaries to add confusion,additional expenses and cost. We are organized around groups of customers with similar needs. This allows our teams to understand the specific needs of specific customers – without customer needs being “translated” by inefficient resellers and middlemen.
Single Point of Accountability for Everyone
We recognize that technology can be complex, so we work to keep things easy for our customers. We make Bizgram the single point of accountability so that resources necessary to meet customer needs can be easily marshaled in support of complex challenges. Our customers tell us they want streamlined and fast access to the right resources; direct provides just that.
We provide customers exactly what they want in their computer systems through easy custom configuration and ordering. Build-to-order means that we don’t maintain months of aging and expensive inventory. As a result, we typically provide our customers with the best pricing and latest technology for features they really want.
Low-Cost Leadership
We focus resources on what matters to our customers. With a highly efficient supply chain and manufacturing organization, a concentration on standards-based technology developed collaboratively with our industry partners, and a dedication to reducing costs through business process improvements, we consistently provide our customers with superior value.Our staff have been trained in various fields to switch positions and assist customers in every wa possible and reduce overheads and produce customer service efficiently.
Standards-Based Technology
We believe that standard technology is key to providing our customers with relevant, high-value products and services. Focusing on standards gives customers the benefit of extensive research and development from Bizgram and an entire industry – not from just a single company. Unlike proprietary technologies, standards give customers flexibility and choice.
We look forward to serve our clients with sincere approach towards providing better customer service and competitive pricing. We are currently serving clients in Asian countries and as well as Middle East like Mauritius, India, Madagascar, Seychelles, Zambia , Zimbawe Pakistan, Sri Lanka, Brunei , Malaysia Nepal, Mongolia, Brunei, Australia ,Indonesia, Bangladesh, Bhutan , Germany , United Kingdom, etc…
We currently deal with all kinds of products of Major brands like Maxtor, Seagate, Intel, Kingston, Samsung, Acer, Philips, Netac, Nvidia, MAC, IBM, HP, Panasonic, Western Digital , Buffalo, Netgear , Shiro , Aztech , Zyxel , D-link, Cisco , 3Com, Acer, Compaq , Toshiba , Fujitsu , and more. We look forward for an intensive growth in the years to come and serve our clients with more products and brands.
We thank our clients for their valued support and look forward for successful years ahead.
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