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Drive Data Recovery Singapore

Who We Are?

Drive Data Recovery (DDR) Singapore, with more than 10 years of data recovery experience, is the leading data recovery solutions company in Singapore and Asia Pacific regions, that serve the fastest growing data recovery industry in Singapore and across Asia Pacific. We provides data recovery services for storage devices from drive manufacturers , using up-to-date data recovery techniques and tools, minimizing usage downtime and without voiding drive warranties.

Why Drive Fails?

Drive fails for a number of reasons – logical, electronics and mechanical.

(1) Logical Failures: Drive failed due to “logical” or non physical failures (such as electronics or mechanical). The hardware is working but are unable to access files or data due to reasons such as accidential formatting, corrupted operating system/partition/data/firmware.

(2) Electronics Failures: Drive failed due to electronics failure such as faulty resistors, capacitors, integrated circuit components, memory flash and microcontrollers.

(3) Mechanical Failures: Drive failed due to mechanical failures such as broken usb signal data trace pad, read/write head mechanism crash, spindle motor unable to spin/incorrect speeds, clicking sound.

(4) User Accidental Activities: Drive often failed due to users accidentally formatting, deleting files, dropping, breaking and spilling liquid.

Drive Recovery Services

Drive Data Recovery Singapore is the preferred data recovery service centre provider for computing devices (desktop, laptop, notebook,netbook, tablet), storage drives ( hard disk, flash drive, usb drive, thumb drive, sdhc card, microsd card, compact flash, memory disk), multi drives (server, raid, san), operating systems ( windows, macintosh, linux, unix) and encryption (McAfee SafeBoot, Windows Bitlocker, TrueCrypt).

Drive Failures We Recovery

Drive Data Recovery Singapore provides data recovery for the following failures (but not limited to):

(1) Logical Failures: Accidental formatting, deletion, operating system (Windows XP/VISTA/7/8 , Macintosh Apple, Linux) corruption, file system (FAT/exFAT/NTFS, Ext2/Ext3/Ext4, UFS/HFS) corruption, File Allocation Table corruption, Master Boot Record corruption, partition corruption, firmware corruption, data corruption, virus contamination, corrupted microsoft word/excel/powerpoint /access/outlook pst, corrupted photos or digital media, corrupted JPG/JPEG/PNG/GIF/TIFF/CR2/NEF/RAW.

(2) Electronics Failures: No power, broken data/signal trace pad or usb connector, damaged printed circuit board, faulty resistors/capacitors/integrated circuit components/ amplifer/ memory flash/microcontroller.

(3) Mechanical Failures: bearing wear, faulty motor, motor not spinning or spin at incorrect rpm, bad sectors, stiction, signal drive read write head faulty or crash, poor data surface condition, clicking sounds.

(4) Miscellaneous Failures: Non detection, blue screen of death, drop or broken drive or connector, drive sluggish or hang, constant cyclic redundancy errors, prompt for format, unknown partition/drive/file system, unable to access folders or files, corrupted file or folders or drive names.

0.00 avg. rating (0% score) - 0 votes
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