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WEBSITE: http://www.empire-it.com.sg/


Empire IT set sights to being a company that specializes in On-Site IT service. The Company was incorporated on Jun 2011, founded by Alden Chong.

Empire IT aims to induce a new concept onto the roads of Singapore, something unseen locally. We intend to offer a vast amount of IT services to our customers at the comfort of their own homes. We will operate by dispatching consultants to our customers upon receiving a phone-call from them, distinctive to the concepts presented in our current market.


The conventional business model requires a customer to carry in their equipments to a repair shop, and commonly take a span of a few working days before the customers can have their hardware back. In comparison, Empire IT can deliver our expertise to the doorstep of our clients, performing repair and troubleshooting processes right infront of them. Henceforth reducing downtime and induces trust and reliability, making assurance that no good working parts are swapped during the procedure.

There are two ways to undertake our services; off-site pickup, delivery service and on-site technical support within Singapore.

In recent years, there has been an increment of IT products being launched and accepted by our society and hence, demands of repair and troubleshooting services are on the rise.


Alden Chong, General Manager

Alden is also the supervisor of Uniquem, an IT company that provides computer related troubleshooting solutions. Since 2009, his employment has benefited the company in management, business relations and technical knowledge aspects.

Alden brings with him a track record of success for his company. His management style is innovative and is well received by his fellow peers.

0.00 avg. rating (0% score) - 0 votes
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