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ABOUT is a well established company in Singapore that provides laptop repair and support issues to our growing base of commercial and residential customers.

We have the expertise and resources to match your requirements; and our approach increases business productivity and reduces network and computer down-time by providing a superior level of IT support.

Our proactive services create a more stable network and computer environment by preventing many common network and laptop issues before they occur.

Our Laptop Repair Singapore team is comprised of certified Engineers, computer repair specialists, technical sales representatives and service-oriented administrators.

SERVICES offers reliable on-site laptop problems or laptop issues diagnostics. We’ll always make sure the repair/replacement of parts are kept to bare minimal to ensure cost-effective solutions.

We also provide computer diagnostics and solutions to home or office networking; be it internet or file sharing to printer and other devices.

On top of all these, we’ll cover the next visit if the same problem arises.
Some of our services are listed, but not limited to:

Keyboard Issue

Experiencing stuck keys, missing characters or water seepage? We can replace any model of laptop’s keyboard and/or mouse.

Overheating Issue

Experiencing abnormal shutdowns/restarts or hot-to-touch laptop? We can diagnose those and advise if the fan or heatsink needs replacement.

LCD Screen Crack/No Display

Experiencing jagged lines, artifacts or no display? We can diagnose and advise if it’s the LCD or the Graphics chip needs replacement/repair.

Motherboard Issue

Audio, Video, Power, USB, Firewire, and Keyboard/Touchpad not working too well? The motherboard controls all of these and if you are experiencing issues with them, we can help.

Battery Issue

Experiencing faster than normal battery drainage, cannot full charge or dead battery? We supply many makes of battery including for Macs.

CD/DVD Drive Issue

Experiencing irresponsive or stuck CD/DVD drive? We supply many makes of drives including Macs and slot-in type.

Touchpad Replacement

Is your touchpad slow to react or is it hard to control your cusor? We can replace the touchpad for you

Cracked Casing

Have you accidentally dropped your precious laptop/notebook? Fret not, we can replace cracked casing, and diagnose if there’s further damage to its internals, especially hard disk.

Slow Performance

Experiencing slow or irresponsive overall system? We can diagnose and provide solution to get it back up to working speed or improve the overall performance.

Virus / Malwares

Suspect there’s a virus or malware running in the background? We can diagnose and advise on whether it needs cleaning or a full format (if need be). We would advise on future prevention of viruses and malwares.

Data Recovery/ Data Backup

Accidentally deleted your precious data/photos/videos? Stop all activity and contact us immediately for a higher chance of data recovery. We will try our best to retrieve those data.


9, Tampines Grande

Singapore 528735

Office (65) 9790 0126

0.00 avg. rating (0% score) - 0 votes
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