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Have you encounter situations where the PC technician does his own job repairing your computer and suddenly he informs you that the PC is repaired?

Along the course of PC service, we will explain what we are doing and some of the precautions for you to avoid the problems again in the future.

Even while on your first call to S-Mall, we try to diagnose what happened to your system, from the symptoms you provided to us. Blue screen, unable to login to windows? Call us and tell us your problems!


Response time
We are proud of our response time to solve your problem and there are no additional prices for our speedy response to you during working hours. Try calling us, sms-ing us or even email us to test our responsiveness!


Call us atย 9171 6803to solve your computer problems NOW

Pls SMS or Whatsapp if phone is not answered, we might be busy in repairs ๐Ÿ™‚

Flexible Timing
S-Mall does not have a rigid 9am – 5pm working hours. We understand that most people are working during this period and need enjoying precious family bonding time after working hours and hence require our onsite service in the evening for home users who requires home pc assistance.

We can attend to you after 7pm and even on public holiday without any additional charges**!

No Hourly rate for PC repair services by S-Mall

Some malicious companies drag their repair tasks for hours, to do a simple PC repair which could be completed in 15mins, to maximise their earning.

Upfront, we quote you a flat rate or range for the given job, based on the symptoms u provided to us. Thus even if the problem stretch for an additional 6 hours or late into midnight, you pay only the rate you are quoted.

We believe in using our valuable knowledge provide PC servicing within the shortest time, yet not compromising the PC troubleshooting job.

And of course, without hourly rate charges, we are able to spend time to run tests on your system to pinpoint the problems your computer is having. And without you feeling the pinch in your wallet from our IT repair services

After troubleshooting a PC problem, we verify with you to ensure that the problem is terminated before we left. No time or day is inconvenient for us.


Call us atย 9171 6803ย to fix your computer NOW

SMS or Whatsapp 91716803 if phone is not answered, we might be busy in repairs ๐Ÿ™‚


Transportation (Onsite) Charges
Save yourself the hassle and cost of moving the heavy PC to our office and sweating it out to your computer bring it home. We do onsite home pc repair services and office computer services in Singapore.

Sit back and relax in your sofa and wait for us to press your doorbell. Even After office hours and public holidays!

Transport charge at $38 (exclude diagnosis fee of 20/ PC or workstation) if we visit you to do home PC repair services at your preferred location.



0.00 avg. rating (0% score) - 0 votes
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