Seah Yong Heng

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For years, proper I.T asset disposal has been neglected by many companies due to logistical and operational challenges.

Explosion of data breaches associated with lost, stolen or compromised enterprise data storage devices resulting in huge financial losses and critical information breaches are due to improper I.T assets disposal.

Implementing proper I.T asset disposal management and enforcement from government bodies on data protection regulations, I.T assets disposal is now a key element in global cyber security and data security.

As such, the expectations and requirements in regards to I.T asset disposal from companies and government agencies must continue to evolve.

No longer are those old methods of hammering and drilling holes on digital data storage devices are proper destruction methods. Physical destruction doesn’t ensure total destruction of data.

Today, enterprises, businesses owner and government agencies ensure they are engaging a reputable and professional firms with proven records and profound knowledge of secure I.T asset disposal and recycling.

5.00 avg. rating (88% score) - 1 vote
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