Thank you for your awesome service for repairing my PC

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Joe Foo

 January 14, 2018

Just visited PC Dreams (Digital Hospital) at Sim Lim 2 days ago. I had a faulty Asus Vivo PC VM66N which cannot power up just few days after the s1 year warranty. I called Asus service center and they said diagnosis will be $60 if I decided not to repair. Labour is $80 excludes replacement parts.

After hearing this, I decided to go Sim Lim Square to seek repair. After went through 3 crowded repair shops. All quoted approx $120+ to repair (if repair cost is higher, they will call me). However I don’t have confidence in these shops and then Google for the best PC repair shops in Sim Lim and saw the hardwarezone forum with waves of praises of PC Dream services.

Hence I came to the shop and was really impressed by their staffs service. They offered free diagnosis on the spot. Then came their manager who told me it will take another 10mins. I ask what was wrong with my PC. The manager said they had already repaired my PC and now cleaning my PC. I was shocked and asked how much does it cost for the repair. To my surprise, he said it is FOC as they knew exactly where was the issue (since they had already encountered this issue many times before with other customers) and able to fix it quickly. That’s the difference between PC dreams and other repair shops (those shops which I went to, are pretty big shops with plenty of crowds, but they just simply power up without further diagnose and quoted you $100+) in Sim Lim.

My highly recommendation to any people who wanted to seek repair for their Computer PC, Laptop and Mobile Phones, go to the PC dreams, they are the best I ever met. When I chatted with their manager, I found out that they repair at components level instead of entire hardware replacement (as their staffs are all specially trained) and hence repair cost is cheaper. In additional, they are also the service center for few really big retailers in Singapore who offered extended warranty to their customer.

Lastly, Thank you for your awesome service for repairing my PC. Greatly Appreciated 🙂

0.00 avg. rating (0% score) - 0 votes
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